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    If yes, to ensure safety of your family, consider crating your puppy and do not let them free roam. Vice versa, do not let the other animals or children get in the puppy’s personal space until properly introduced and bonded.

    Your puppy will require exercise to help them grow properly and for mental stimulation, does your lifestyle suit having an active animal in your life or can it?

    Exercise can include walking, jogging, fetch, hiking, obedience (mental exercise is very important), biking, hunting, protection work, scent work, swimming – anything to get them moving and having fun.

    Like humans, dogs have differing personalities and these differences occur in slight variances from litter to litter. The puppies with extreme personalities will be suited to working homes, there will be more docile natured puppies to suit pet homes, and everything in between.

    Buddha was bred to Harpy on the 27/08/2023. Puppies are expected end of Oct and ready for sale within 10-12 weeks from there. Both dogs have been courage tested to engage an intruder if warnings are not heeded while demonstrating a perfect off switch when around family. On top of this both dogs regularly go hunting for feral game in rural QLD and NSW – but are yet to make their first catch as they are learning without a lead dog so will take a little bit of time but we will get there. 

    Buddha is 63kg-65kg and Harpy is 33kg-35kg so the puppies once hitting maturity should weigh approx 40kg range lean. Both parents have been Embarked tested for genetic disorders or defects as further closure for the buyer. The price for the puppy will be $2500.00 AUD. If you are interested in a puppy please take the time to fill out the questionnaire form and by reading the Important Information below.

    Important Information