Unleashing the Heart of Ironbark Kennels

Here at Ironbark Kennels, we find great pleasure in helping honest hard working families do what they can to maintain their safety and security by providing them with an additional layer of protection for their lives. If you already have a pup and want help raising them, follow the YouTube Channel and raise yours alongside mine.

Like any dog, owning a watch dog, guard dog, or protection dog requires the upmost responsibility and is not the best option for people that are irresponsible, don’t have much time or that do not like animals. That said they can be a great asset. Dogs provide not just companionship, they also watch, alarm, protect, hunt, and excel at scent detection. Some things to consider below before you decide if an Ironbark bandog is right for you:

  • If you are interested in a puppy but have a dog currently and are an inexperienced dog handler, consider the opposite sex as they are less likely to fight. Same sex aggression is much more common. Additionally, crate your puppy so it learns to settle and understands structure.
  • Desexing should only be considered if your dog keeps escaping or has a health condition of which the surgery is required.
  • It is recommended to crate your dog until 12-18 months of age to help toilet train them and teach them proactive house manners.
  • Hand feed your dog regularly and do not free feed, set dedicated meal times. I feed once per day with snacks in between.
  • Obedience is crucial for your puppy, to establish bond, structure, expectations, etc. This becomes especially important when they become a fully mature and in some cases trained animal. Balanced style training is recommended. Videos are available on the YouTube Channel
  • If you intend on your puppy becoming a guard dog, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to nurturing them, taking them out for environmental stimulation and working in line with a really good trainer who understands working dogs.
  • Don’t just consider the cost of the puppy, but consider the ongoing costs for medications, vet bills/surgeries, high quality food, housing, bedding, kennelling or crating, time invested nurturing and training them.
  • To help your pup thrive optimally, it is recommended to feed them a mixture of a premium quality kibble, muscle meat, some meat with bones for calcium and a little bit of offal. Veggies and berries optional but not crucial.


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