The Unique Demands of Owning a Bandog from Ironbark Kennels

Owning a Bandog from Ironbark Kennels is a unique experience that comes with its own set of demands and rewards. These extraordinary dogs are bred with a specific purpose in mind – family protection and estate guarding. If you’re considering adding one of our Bandogs to your life, here’s what you need to know.

Courage and Commitment: Our Bandogs are courage tested to ensure they have the temperament and determination required to protect your family and property. They are not your typical household pets but loyal guardians.

Exceptional Lineage: Our breeding program is built on the foundation of exceptional dogs like Buddha. We take pride in our lineage and continue to refine it with each generation.

Availability: Our puppies are not readily available; you’ll need to inquire about their availability. This approach allows us to match our dogs with responsible owners who understand their unique needs.

Pricing: Bandogs from Ironbark Kennels start at $2500 AUD, with variations based on demand. This investment reflects the quality and commitment we put into our breeding program.

Purpose and Exercise: Bandogs thrive when they have a purpose, whether it’s guarding your family or receiving regular exercise. These dogs need stimulation to be at their best.

If you’re ready for the responsibility and rewards that come with owning a Bandog from Ironbark Kennels, you’ll find a loyal and protective companion like no other. These dogs are more than pets; they are dedicated guardians with a courageous spirit.

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